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Daily cleaning service 240$/month

Snow removing 66$/year. 11 $/month (November to April include)

Furnitures and electric appliances in buy buy-back

Restaurant breakfest, à la carte, from 5 to 10$ (including taxes and tips)

Table d'hôte, restaurant, à la carte, diner and souper with soup, drink and dessert from 10 to 20 $ (including taxes and tips)

Daily cleaning service for kitchen and bathroom from 555$/month each person
Late Check-in 60 $/h. Night (20:00 to 10:00) check-in overtime to 120$/h for holiday. (see booking fees for more details
Therapeutic massage or massage 30 to 60 $/30 minutes Info
Therapeutic massage or massage lesson from 30 to 15 $/30 minutes Info
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ECONO Hostel is a green project participating to the climat challange.

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