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Bus from Toronto to Montreal online special from 12 $: Megabus

NOTE TO THE "POOR" car driver.
1- 99,9% of car driver are always late for check-in
2- Check Google direction to get direction and required time.
3- Add a minimum of 1 hour for every 4 hours of road to stop to eat, pee and fill the tank! (and 1h for duty stop from US)
4- Check the weather the day before.
5-Figure out twice the time if it is raining.
6- Add one more hour if you start in traffic jam time (before 9:00 or after 15:00).
7-Calculate 4 times the time if there is snow on your road. 8 times for heavy snow storm.
8- Stop sleeping somewhere if you cannot make it before office close.
9- Office is open from 10:00 till 20:00 (18:00 for car driver). Room available after 15:00. Curfew after 22:00.
10- Over time is 60 $/h. No exception specially for car driver.
11- Car is the more expensive and slowest mode of transportation.
12- And pollution kill millions of people.
Try to arrive at 10:00 not 18:00!
-Toronto to Montreal take 9 hours (12 if rainy, 16 if snowing, 20 if heavy snow). Start at midnight if dry road.
Car trip cost 225 $ to go x 2 = 450 $ with back home trip.
Bus from only 10 $ from Megabus

-New York to Montreal take 11 hours (15 if rainy, 19 if snowing, 21 if heavy snow). Start at 1:00 if dry road.
Car trip cost: 245$ to go x 2 = 490 $ with back home trip.

Tips: Buy your tickets minimum 4 to 6 weeks in advance for big savings with Megabus
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