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Located middle between Olympic stadium and old Montreal, 1 subway stop from the village! With the best buy price in low season! Welcome into our "Keep it clean and green and save"! In a no smoking and no smoker area.

We offer private rooms, apt. (2, 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms) and dormitories.
FREE: Here everything is FREE! (exept meal)
-FREE linen
-FREE shared telephone line (with free local calls and Canada main city calls). 
-FREE High-Speed Internet connection
-FREE fax reception and answering service by phone or email)
-FREE Towels.
-FREE salt, pepper and more!
-FREE dishes soap, etc.!
-FREE DVD rental
-Free slippers and sandals (everybody shoeless to keep floor clean!)
-With shared bathroom (with toilet and in bath shower)
-Shared kitchen (save on restaurants fees!)
-Rice cooker
-DVD player
-FREE ecological clothes line!
-Night security gard on women dorm floor.
-FREE weekly cleaning included! (optionnal daily cleaning available from 10 $/day)
-Near 24 hours downtown city bus line terminal
-Sport center at 4 minutes walk with free indoor pool.
-washing/drying machine (at 1 minute)
-Free pool table at 5 minutes walk.
LOCATION: Located 5 minutes walk from Frontenac Metro station in downtown district (Ville-Marie). We are into South Centre neighbourhood. It is a residential area near central downtown into a quiet and safe street. We are within few minutes walking distance or 1 Metro station from the main attractions as well as boutiques, cafes, bars, restaurants and much more... and our apartments, will allow you to be close to Montreal's trendiest spots.
BEDS: 33 beds and 1 coach for 33 to 54 persons in 10 rooms into 3 apartments. Note most rooms come with double beds. We could accommodate 1 up to 10 persons in one room with 5 double beds.
DESCRIPTION: 1919 building with wood floor and ceramic into the bathroom first floor. Concrete and wood, carpet on second and 3rd floor. It is an old building but clean and cheap. Our prices are including discount during the renovation of the building (no noise into the morning and night).
LANGUAGES: Service in French and English and part time Japanese employee.
PARKING: Free and easy parking on the street but you have to move your car 2 times a week for street cleaning to void ticket from march 1st to December 1st and when they remove the snow in winter!
MOST ROOMS FURNITURE'S: -Bed with 5 stars hotel mattress into 90% of rooms. (No noisy pneumatics like some hostels!) 64% are double beds! -linen included. We refuse Bed sheets or sleeping-bags used previously in hostel. -pillow -TV -Internet connection -tourism information. -With electric electronic heating in every room. -Note: No locker in dormitories, only at the bank.
-Single = 1 single bed for 1 person
-Twin = 2 singles and/or doubles beds for 2 persons or less
-Double = 1 double bed for 2 persons or less
-3 beds privates = 2 double beds or 1 doubles bed and 1 single bed (or 3 beds for 25 $ extra in low season) for 3 persons or less
-4 beds private = 2 doubles beds (or 1 double and 2 simples) for 4 persons or less (we have optional room with 4 separate beds with 50 $ extra charge in low season. Send email to change reservation from 2 double beds to 4 separate beds).
-5 beds privates = 2 doubles beds and 1 single bed for 5 persons or less
-6 beds privates = 3 doubles beds (or 2 doubles and 2 singles) for 6 persons or less
-7 beds privates = 3 double beds and 1 single bed for 7 persons or less
-20 beds dorm = Beds into a not private room adjoining to the kitchen with a maximum of 19 roommates or less(average 10 and 2 bathrooms)
-7 to 19 beds dormitories and 12 and more people in private rooms are group discount prices for combinaison of other dorms and private room sizes.
-If you want the room configuration to be with 1 extra bed, send an email immediatly for the reservation. Thank You.
-We are exactly between Olympic stadium (Biodome, Insectarium, botanic garden) and old Montreal, The Village, downtown, and the Plateau Mont-Royal.
-Located into the more typical French Canadian working class neighbourhood in Montreal. Neighbour is improving every year by yuppies because of the proximity with central downtown.
-But every thing around is still cheap. Eat complete meal from soup to coffee for only 7,95 $ CAN! Breakfest 4 $!
-Old Montreal (3 km), -Botanic garden (2 km), -Insectarium (2,5 km), -Mount-royal (3,5 km), -Olympic stadium (2 km), -Biodome (2,5 km), -Plateau Mont-Royal (0,5 km), -Downtown (2,5 km), -The Village (1,5 km). Note: 1 km = 12 to 20 minutes walk = 2 minutes in subway.
-We are a "clean and green" concept. It mean you save up to 50% on regular prices if you are clean and green.
-You only have to keep kitchen and bathroom clean and in order after every use and of course a house is shoes off and no barefoot (home shoes provide if you don't have, clean socks required).
-And evidently to save energy and recycle.
NOTE: SPECIAL PRICES FOR ONLINE BOOKING ONLY. SPECIAL INTERNET BOOKING WEB SITE RESERVATION PRICES WILL NOT APPLY OVER THE PHONE, EMAIL OR AT THE DOOR RESERVATION. COULD BE MORE EXPENSIVE IF YOU CALL, EMAIL OR AT THE DOOR. We have to pay de staff! Minimum email, phone or door reservation administration booking fees charge will be 10 to 36 $ $ if you don't book on line
CLEAN AIR POLICY: CLEAN PEOPLE ONLY. So, please note WE STRICTLY DO NOT ACCEPT PETS AND by insurance policy RESERVATION FOR SMOKERS AND YOUR GUEST CANNOT SMOKE INSIDE OR OUTSIDE OUR STRICT NO-SMOKING AND NO-SMOKER BUILDING. SMOKERS RESERVATION WILL BE CANCEL ON ARRIVAL WITHOUT ANY REFUND. Why? By civism smelling smokers cannot share an Apt. (even less a room) with our distinguished no smoking clientele representing 80 % of the population. (Do not forget, smokers have a reduce smelling sense, not the non smokers). And, because scondary smoke could kill, SMOKING INSIDE BUILDING OR AT LESS THAN 10 METERS OF OTHER PERSON IS A CRIMINAL ACT. If you are a smoker, please by civism, book into a smoker hotel.
HOURS and CHECK-IN: We are open year-round WITH APPOINTMENT from 10:00 to 20:00 o'clock (local time). Check-out time is before 10:00. Room available after 15:00. We could store your luggage for 10$ (or 5 $ if paid at check-in) or morning check-in or late check-out available for only 13 $/each person). PLEASE CONFIRM YOUR APPROXIMATE ARRIVAL TIME with the 24 hours International Metric Time. 1:00 TO 12:00 IS MORNING TIME! (if you are more than 1 hour sooner or later than appointment, please call to fix a new appointment and to keep your reservation. Otherwie your room will be set available) 24 hours emergency. No lockout. No membership card to buy! Check-in overtime after 20:00 o'clock will be charge 60$/hour after 20:00 or before 9:00. Security deposit required in case of dammage or if daily cleaning is required or if you lost the keys.
INFORMATION'S AND RESERVATIONS: Rate for each person from 4 $/day and more. Because the same room could be offered with different configuration we recommend you to contact us before booking 2 rooms to check availability and void overbooking. Cancellation has to be done as soon as possible to void vacancy and to keep our price the lowest in town. If not the two first nights will be charge if the cancellation notice is less than 48 hours before the check-in date or in case of no show (but because we want to keep you as a customer, we will offer you a credit for same price or cheaper night for free next time). Booking date modification: adminitration fees of 10 $ each modification. Send an email to receive a written confirmation. No age limit. No time limit. 10% Deposit are not refundable.
Copy of visa for Canada will be required for some national country to confirm the booking. See the list here:
-Extra people only 4 to 40 $/day all year long in private room.
NOISE CURFEW WITHOUT LOCKOUT: By respect to other peoples there is a curfew (but no lock-out) as soon as someone is sleeping into the building, usually around 22:00 till 9:00. After that time every body have to be quiet. So sorry, all night party are not allowed. See other youth hostel for that kind of sleepless nights! Here nights and days are quiet!
SECURITY DEPOSIT: 100 $/day (maximum 500 $) cash for security and extra cleaning fees for group booking.
PAYMENT: We accept cash canadian $ only, electronic transfert, Skrill, bank transfert, postal mandat and check (30 days in advance).
In case of mistake between the online and office price. Office price will have priority. We will contact you maximum 24 to 48 hours after the reservation on line with the correct amount and then you could choose to confirm or cancel the reservation.
(IMPORTANT: With appointment) 2156 Montgomery (second balcony), Montreal, Quebec, H2K 2R8, Canada It is the triplex building on the right of the Korean fence. Up the steps right door. If you didn't print map look the map into the underground station if necessary. Ask bus map to the subway station to get a free street map! (If no answer follow door instructions)
-BY FOOT: It is 4 streets from Frontenac subway. Exit right door and cross Ontario Street. Go on your right on Ontario street and walk for 4 streets away from the underground ("metro") station. Then turn left on Montgomery Street.
-From the AIRPORT: Backpackers could take Expres bus 8$, 45 minute or City bus #204 (not available all day but you could walk to the next stop) then #211 or 221 for 3 $ including transfer to Lionel-Groulx Metro station and exit at Frontenac Metro station (green line direction Honorée-Beaugrand) but it will take about an hour and a half and steps to climb into the Metro. If you have heavy luggage we recommend a taxi cab for around 45 $ to 60 $, depending on traffic, or limousine 55$ flat rate (it's cheaper to buy a good backpack and take the bus!)
TRAIN: Get down and take Bonaventure Subway (Metro) in Montmorency direction up to Berri-UQAM station get out and change for the green line in direction of Honore-Beaugrand up to Frontenac then follow "by foot" instruction in upper lines.
-In CAR: (you do not need car in Montreal. Stop killing! Stop polluting! Use public transportation and save 100's of $! Bus from Toronto to Montreal from 10$ instead of 165 $ by car! See Coach Canada on Internet): From Jacques Cartier Bridge turn right on Ontario street, after around 10 streets, turn left on Montgomery.  
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